Information and updates regarding current Xcel Energy issues - does the Certificate of Need need help?

Xcel is now in the "Certificate of Need" (CON) phase of the project.

The deadline to submit written comments is Wednesday (April 6, 2011).

A goodly number of people testified at the public hearing last week. It was nice to see a broad representation of people living in this area. Four or five Hispanic residents testified along with a Somali leader. Health concerns and economic impact to housing values were among the issues mentioned. Bill Storm of the state directed people to the Environmental Impact Study which has already been completed to answer those questions. Three or four people testified to the need for alternative, sustainable methods of producing power. One person spoke to the need for a major shift in the focus of obtaining power - from poisonous methods people through the centuries have pursued – first with burning wood, then coal, now oil/gas and nuclear energy. That all of these are not sustainable and that now we are entering a new paradigm for humanity and must find ways to produce energy which is clean, green and sustainable. One person spoke to the need for evaluating all sustainable methods together and how combined they can produce a major reduction in energy use (as Tim Springer mentioned in his email (see page 1 of this website). Another person spoke to the possibility that use of solar energy in this area by both residents and businesses can produce a 30% reduction in energy use.

There will be one more public hearing this spring, this time before an Administrative Law Judge – stay tuned for time and place.
Submitted by Shirley Heyer, volunteer

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